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Originally Posted by clowns789 View Post
I've been thinking that in order to revive this project a bit, it might be good to get candidates up to 87 bits, as there are currently six that are at 86 bits and according to (link below) 87 is the optimal bit depth for these candidates. This will pave the way for an eventual P-1 and PRP/LL test of these candidates.

But please let me know if any of this is incorrect, since I'm going off what the and my scant/outdated knowledge.
Well it is at least not consistent with the bit levels shown on this subsite of

According to that page, wich holds records of TF bitdepth for all n>1000M to n<=2^32, the optimal bit level for TF for n=3321930371 is 91 bit. That is just how it looks now and it may very well be that these TF bit depths is subject for change in the future. But hey it is your ressources and you can do whatever you want and if you like to do n=3321930371 to 87 bits only, then thats your choice

Happy hunting and TF
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