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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Edit: have you tried They have very nice Spanish course there too (the one made by the site's owner, on memrise everybody can create his own course, and they are not only about languages, some idiot made a course to learn the multiplication table up to 100 times 100, haha... But the language courses created by memrise itself, they are very good (those on 7 levels).
It's been so long since of logged on Memrise. Here's what comes up on my profile:
All the Correlatives in Esperanto
by PandaPandaInnit Esperanto

Comprehensive German Duolingo Vocabulary
by bakpao German

Duolingo Esperanto
by jl45 Esperanto

Emotions in Japanese
by blessedfalcon Romaji

Esperanto Grammar
by Memchilla Esperanto

IPA symbols
by coati Miscellaneous

Learn German for Polyglots • No Typing
by EasyAcademy German

Learn German Intermediate • No Typing
by EasyAcademy German

Pitch Perfect
by darkstarricco Art, Music & Literature

The Partial Polyglot
by mkp28 Other Language
edit: now that I am correctly reading my profile page it looks more familiar.

It's been too long since I've been at Memrise...

My feelings are that they are exceptionally good on training word lists.

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