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Originally Posted by only_human View Post
Actually the reverse tree's ...
That is a very good observation/advice which I must remember when my German will be advanced enough to be able to handle the reverse tree. Up to now, I didn't think to it, except that I was waiting for "Ro for En speakers" and "En for Th speakers" courses to get out of incubator, hoping that both of them can help me improve my "reverse", hehe. But i didn't think to go "En for German speakers". I will try sooner or later.

Edit: have you tried They have very nice Spanish course there too (the one made by the site's owner, on memrise everybody can create his own course, and they are not only about languages, some idiot made a course to learn the multiplication table up to 100 times 100, haha... But the language courses created by memrise itself, they are very good (those on 7 levels).

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