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I've just realised that I may given the impression that I've spent a lot of time on reverse language trees.

Actually this is mainly a new approach for me. Here's all the work so far that I've expended on reverse trees:

French from Spanish
Francés - Nivel 12
Siguiente nivel: 610 EXP
EXP total: 4290 EXP
English from Spanish
Inglés - Nivel 11
Siguiente nivel: 230 EXP
EXP total: 3670 EXP
English from Japanese:
英語 - レベル10
次のレベル: 699 XP
XP合計: 2301 XP
So as you see I have not earned a ton of training points on them. Even so it is the focus my current approach. I have high hopes that this will jar me out of a rut. Wish me luck.

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