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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Ha, it looks like you bought all the labor badges!** That is a freaking hell of a work! I wish I could have so much time and dedication! OTOH, romance languages would be easy for me, being very close to mother tongue. I could do a "credit hunt" by raiding some of those trees, but I have enough headache with my German already... I don't want to make my life more complicate than it is...
Actually the reverse tree's sentence comments are especially helpful.

Let me explain with some background first.

Generally comments about a sentence are about three quarters about the wrong language. Here's what happens. Suppose you speak English and are studying Spanish and have trouble with a Spanish sentence. The sensible thing would be talking in the comments about the Spanish words and grammar - and there's a good deal of that...

But perversely people will spend more time talking about their native English and regional differences and disputing various translations or if certain attempted answers should have been accepted based of what they think about English.

Get this - they get bogged down talking about the native language that they already know and delve into nuances in it as in "there was little water in the desert so we brought a little water with us" - intead of investing time in the language that they are trying to learn.

It's quite natural; they know their native language better and have genuine disputes about semantics.

But in the reverse language tree the situation is flipped. If I, as a native speaker of English, work on the learn-English-from-Spanish tree, the comments are full of native Spanish speakers speaking about the nuances of the Spanish side of the translated sentence. So the comments are much richer in what I really want to learn - Spanish.

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