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Ha, it looks like you bought all the labor badges!** That is a freaking hell of a work! I wish I could have so much time and dedication! OTOH, romance languages would be easy for me, being very close to mother tongue. I could do a "credit hunt" by raiding some of those trees, but I have enough headache with my German already... I don't want to make my life more complicate than it is...

** An online game I was playing many years ago ( allowed your characters to work in a shop (factory), in that virtual world, if you were owning a "labor badge" which you could buy with "virtual money", which you also make in the game, doing other activities and tasks. You could also run your own shop, but that is another story. Of course, working in a shop, you could make more "virtual money". And buy more labor badges, for all characters, you could play with a whole team. The good part of a labor badge, comparing with another badges (like the one to play cards in a casino, or inn, for example) was that, if you owned one, and took a job at a shop, the effect of the badge would not be canceled when you log off. Other badges were counted in "login days", so if you don't login a year, you still have it when you come back. The labor badge was counted in "calendar days", so it expired after 30 days, either if you login or not, in the game. But when you log out, its effect still lasted in the game. So, you could technically buy a labor badge, get a job in the shop/factory, then logout, and your character(s) would continue to make money 24 hours a day, as long as the shop had work to do for you. As one user could control more characters, it was customary to buy "all the labor badges available" to make money (virtual of course) during you were sleeping in real life. Therefore, as almost everybody had 2-3 characters to control in the game, one guy working "72 hours per day" was very common.

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