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The reason I have so many points this week is I really wanted to take Spanish to a useful level so I started listening to some English novels on tape that I know well while I tried to follow along in the Spanish in a translation of the written novel.

What happened is I got a splitting headache and I noticed that Dresden of the Dresden Files estremece (shudders) all over the place.

I pushed through a lot of Spanish on my lesson tree which I could do because I have only been on fire for the last eight days unlike you being on fire for 235 days. In the days I'm not there my language tree rots so I get to review the lower level stuff too when I refresh it.

I do no immersion translation at all. I'm using a tablet and I can't easily jump around windows to check my work.

Then after this study wasn't enough I started and then completed the English from Spanish tree. That only took two or three days and became completely golden at only level 11 or so with perhaps no needed repetition at all. That gave a bit more vocabulary and let me review low-level stuff yet again and it hit a few different sentence patterns.

That still didn't click in my head enough and I really want to take it up another level this time so I started working on the French from Spanish tree. That lets me hit the Spanish content again and lets me compare and contrast Romance languages while minimizing distractions of my native English anywhere on the screen.

Unfortunately I bogged down around level ten so I paused my struggles there and went to refresh my French from English tree so that my French will be better prior to returning to my French from Spanish struggles. I've been been working hard for the last few days on that French from English tree. I've almost got it back to fully golden on that tree so in less than a day I will then return to the French from Spanish tree. Assuming I subsequently push that through to gold successfully, I will then do the Spanish from French tree to hit the content yet again without any English and to pick up a little more non-overlapping coverage.

All those struggles are why I have so many points these last several days. It was a good distraction from a miserable heatwave.

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