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With the exception of a couple of scraped copies of this thread, this is the only web use of Fremdsprachengrübelei for Foreign Language Musings.

I went back to this thread just now because I am about to stage another educational incursion into Duolingo's language site. They've since added a few things. They just released an Android application (there is an Iphone one too) They offer: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, for English speakers and they also teach English for speakers of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

I needed to refer to the first post in this thread because I again wanted to find the handy foreign language keyboard accent utilities that I'd mentioned before. These are free from Conveniently, they have added an Italian accents utility since I was there last so I plan to use that with the recently offered Italian lessons on Duolingo. So I have just now downloaded their German, Spanish, and Italian accent utilities. These are not necessary for the Duolingo site but are a lot easier than switching the keyboard language or mousing over to click on an accented letter. These use Tab, Shift and Caps keys in conjunction with an ordinary letter that you press to generate the the accented character input. It is pretty easy to pick up.

The other day I was on Duolingo briefly, trying to do a little French and I did very poorly. We'll see how that goes. Outside of the lessons there is a top menu selection for vocabulary so I should go there first to dust off the cobwebs. The top menu choices are:

Language (choose a language to work in)
Home (look at your skill tree, progress, social stream, etc.)
Immersion (read and translate articles)
Discussion (forum-ish)
Vocabulary (practice your weakest words (it keeps track) or look at examples of usage)

If you try Duolingo, be aware that there is mouseover information on words. As I recall, that includes verb tables. They said somewhere that they are working on more complete cheat-sheets.
The founder of Duolingo was just on Reddit a couple of days ago for a question and answer session"
Hi Reddit! It’s me again, Luis von Ahn. I’m the co-founder/CEO of Duolingo, which aims to provide the best way to learn languages to everybody for free. I think that education makes people’s lives better, and shouldn’t be limited only to those who have the money to learn.
Today I’m especially excited because we just launched the Duolingo Android app. You can download it from Google Play here. If offers full language courses that are 100% free, with no ads, hidden charges, or BS “in-app purchases.”
You may be interested to know that there’s an awesome Duolingo subreddit.
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