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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Try work preference of 155. It's been there all along, probably never been tested.
Tried it in mprime, which accepts the preference without question, but then when it contacts the server for new work:
[Work thread Oct 11 21:26] Running Jacobi error check. [Oct 11 21:26] Getting assignment from server
[Comm thread Oct 11 21:26] PrimeNet success code with additional info:
[Comm thread Oct 11 21:26]
[Comm thread Oct 11 21:26] Got assignment 17FE--yes-I-masked-the-aid--F9CE: Unknown work type M58874623
[Comm thread Oct 11 21:26] Received unknown work type: 151.
[Comm thread Oct 11 21:26] Visit for help.
[Comm thread Oct 11 21:26] Will try contacting server again in 70 minutes.
[Work thread] Passed. Time: 23.059 sec.
Worktype 151 = Double-check prime tests so I'm not sure why it's calling it unknown.
But it's also claiming to receive a worktype of M58874623 which clearly is not right.
Note that these exponents have been assigned to me as a PRP double-check on the server, but did not get added to worktodo.txt because mprime believes the assignment line to be invalid.

Also minor complaint -- the above is not a copy-paste error, the primenet server communication really does happen in the middle of the Jacobi error check leading to confused mixed messages from work-thread and comm-thread on same lines.

All the above behavior is the same in both v30.6b4 and v30.7b4

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