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It probably wouldn't be too hard to convert my Fermat code to a MR test. The time complexity should be the same. I think the O(log2n*loglog n) you wrote for Fermat uses an FFT multiply which is only faster for very large numbers.
From the Fietsma list there is about 1 2-PRP every 3E11 from 1E19 to 264. This is about 4x more than the 2-SPRP. I think there will be about 500 gaps >= 1400 from 264 to 265 and each will require about 70 prime checks on average. The chance that a gap above 1400 from 264 to 265 is missed due to a PRP is about 1 in 3E11/500/70 = 1 in 8E6.

I'm currently saving gaps >= 1300 using an approach similar to yours. All gaps found in the GPU above 1300 are sent back to the CPU for a more thorough check using the gmp library.
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