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Default optimal memory settings for the P-1 stage

I did a search through the FAQs, the help file and the forum and I still have some questions about the optimal amount of memory for the P-1 stage. In the help file there is a table with some obsolete values (it gives three values : for 6M, 10M and 33M.)

There is a thread where the optimum amount is said to be 5.5 times the number of millions of the exponent but I suppose this is not actual anymore because in the current readme files the text is missing :

Originally Posted by wackyeh View Post
George even states in the Prime95's README:
From my own experience, using any more than about [desirable] ~5.5x the exponent (say 220MB for a exponent around 40M), it can significantly increase the amount of time to do the test. For example, 3000 iterations on a 42M exponent went from 500+ secs to around 450 secs. simply by reducing memory from 320MB used to 256MB used (42 x 5.5 = 231MB)
With the current version Prime95 does allocating the maximum amount of memory constitute the optimal setting ?
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