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If I update to a later version and coax out an MD5 value during proof reconstruction, I won't be able to get the server to accept it, because there's already a zero offset result logged without an MD5. I doubt it would accept two result submissions for the same AID either. And I would not want it to double credit GhzDays. Nor have a proof go to waste.
Well, it turns out the server is not quite that discriminating. It accepted a result line generated from v6.11-380 during a retry complete with MD5, gave prp computing credit again, per my results summary, and then accepted the upload of the proof produced from v6.11-340. Madpoo or George are welcome to remove the initial report and one of the two PRP test computing credits from M139000019; it's the same run, except for the last few hundred iterations and modest proof computations. (Sort of a two-headed snake.)
Ben Delo is on the case with a PRP proof certification.

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