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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
gupowl -h generates help output. It includes the following
-log <step>        : log every <step> iterations. Multiple of 10'000.
help output is included in every Windows build .7z file I post, since I don't remember when. I put a copy in every working folder, for ready reference.

As I recall, Preda has been working on making P-1 more efficient.

LLDC is always welcome, especially below ~57.885M.
Outputs are now < 30 seconds apart at 10,000. Much better than 5 minutes. I look at all the documents with each release. I don't recall seeing this in any of them. Most of the other GPU programs have the "-h" help option. I should have known, or tried, at least.

I've always felt gpuOwl did a good job with P-1. Stage 2 seems a bit sluggish, but I know why. VRAM. 1080's have 8GB. If I go above 6.5, I start getting screen artifacts. Some elements, like buttons on web pages, lose their transparency. They appear as square blocks when they should appear rounded on the corners. I imagine the designers never thought these cards would be used for anything other than gaming.
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