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Originally Posted by preda View Post
Sorry I'm a bit late to this discussion, but yes I confirm GpuOwl does not handle PRP-CF. It's a mishap that the assignment form for a PRP-CF is accepted instead of being clearly rejected outright, something I plan to fix.

On the positive side, did you consider doing first-time PRP? arguably they are more useful than PRP-CF.

I wondered where you were. I suppose you could simply filter by exponent size. Nothing smaller than 50-million, for example. The Exponent Status Distribution map on shows a lot of DC work at, and above, 53-million.

Have I considered doing first-time PRP? Not really. I do not want to spend a week, or more running a single exponent. If I could snag something at the bottom end of what is available, I might as a DC. Primenet lists them two different ways on the manual reservation page. "Double-check LL tests" and "Double-check PRP tests."


I just reserved a LL-DC which is just above 57-million. gpuOwl indicates it will take 39 hour to complete. I can live with that.

While you're reading this, I want you to know that I have a really big peeve with gpuOwl, the screen update interval. It is way too long, for my suit anyway. Having an entry in "config.txt" where a user could set the interval, like Prime95, this would be really nice...
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