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Smile Digit sums, of any value?

I have not worked this out mathematically, I am simply studying primes in my spare time, but now as I look at the table of all of the Perfect numbers found it looks as though the digit sums of the digit sums add up to 10. Except for 6 and 28 this holds for the first 8 Perfect numbers:
28 the first digit sum = 2+8=10
496=4+9+6=19, 1+9=10
8128=8+1+2+8=19, 1+9=10
33550336=3+3+5+5+0+3+3+6=28, 2+8=10
Next digit sum=64, 6+4=10
Next digit sum=55, 5+5=10
Next digit sum=73, 7+3=10
Is there a rule to explain it? Could it be used to find more Perfect numbers?
/Sincerely, Chris65
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