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Cool Hiccups.

Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
Yes, it is. Hiccups are caused, I have read, by a feedback loop in the nervous system that gets established (involving the vagus nerve, it seems) under certain conditions. The key to stopping hiccups is to interrupt this feedback loop, which can be done by a variety of methods, both physical and psychological.
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Each of the methods described in this thread accomplishes the goal of interrupting the feedback loop. I used to use the holding-my-breath technique on myself, after finding the sipping-water-slowly method not as effective. (See below for improvement.)
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As you can see, Mally, it's similar to a combination of the two methods you mention, plus an extra psychological component. Rubbing my temples is probably more effective in holding the other person's attention than putting my fingers in my ears would be.

The feed back loop you mention is a nerve circuit originating in the spinal column and terminating in the brain and is probably correct Richard.

But to examine the cause of hiccups physically the reason is that the diaphragm separating the Thorax from the abdomen, losses its normal rhythm and hence it is out of step with the normal breathing rhythm.

There are two types of breathing. and in normal respiration it is

1) thoracic breathing when the rib cage moves upwards principally increasing the volume of the chest with the diaphragm moving slightly down wards but not appreciably. This type of breathing is found mainly in females. You must have noticed when a female exercises or gets sexually aroused her breasts heave upwards in slight spasms. This is because of her childbearing function when the diaphragm by a restricted movement is bereft of causing pressure on the child to be.

2) abdominal breathing where the increase in volume is effected by the diaphragm moving up and down rather than the rib cage. This is the normal form in males.

When the diaphragm loses its rhythm temporarily and is spasmodic, hiccups are caused. Therefore the cure is to bring the diaphragm back to its normal rhythm. This is effected by the various methods recounted above both physical and psychological. I have also used Reiki, pyramid power, magnetic healing and urine therapy to cure chronic cases.

With this different breathing in males and females I wonder, if a study is made, will it be found that men fart more often and women belch more?

Now am I eligible for an IgNobel prize?


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