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Smile Hiccups.

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
And on the lighter side ... a big "thumbs up" to this year's IgNobelists ... especially - and quite literally - to the IgLaureate who authored the immortal research study, ''Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage":

Very interesting article indeed, Ernst!

Reminds me of the tale about a teenage boy who used to suffer from terrible migraine. He was told to visit a famous and renowned yogi who claimed he could cure any illness. So the boy went and met the Guru.

Finding the boy attractive and appealing the guru told him to lie face flat on the bed. You guessed it. He sodomised the boy.
Strange enough the boys severe pain vanished.

When he left the yogi's mountainous abode he wondered to him self,
' where I had the pain and where he ministered the medicine, amazing !'
I do not know if he ever went back to the yogi again. Maybe he did.

But seriously speaking I learnt in my travels in the Himalayan foothills that a very reliable cure for hiccups, even chronic, is to put both the little fingers
in the ears, one in each and breathe normally. Holding the breath is even better.
It wont take long before the hiccups vanish. I have personally found this to work marvellously and effectively.

I suppose a little faith in the method is part of the cure.

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