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The manual effort to make sure each computer is doing separate Q-ranges, and then combining the files and running the post-processing manually is rather tedious, and usually not used for jobs that take a month or less; we don't view the manual labor as worth it compared to just being patient.

However, the CADO package is set up to handle this automatically- one machine is designated the CADO-server, and any number of other machines can be run as clients for the poly select and sieving steps. The CADO documentation is pretty good for directions, though the help files are somewhat hidden in various folders (for instance, the detailed explanation of the job parameter options is in ./parameters/factor/c90.params

The catch to CADO, which is an alternative package to YAFU, is that it's linux-only. If you run Linux, it is likely faster than YAFU, and the individual sub-programs are actively developed. The external binaries YAFU calls are no longer developed (msieve for poly select and post processing, lasieve for sieving).
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