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Originally Posted by aqua View Post
Do you mean it is possible to spawn more yafus on different computers to effectively factorize same number ?
Yes, that's usually how we collaborate to factor those large 200 digit numbers, but it is not easy. Sieving part is the most time-consuming, about 85% of the time, as Curtis replied in your other thread, and this is usually parallelized in multiple computers, possibly by just one or many forum members who contribute to factorization. Each computer or yafu instance can sieve a different Q-range using the same poly, get its own millions of relations, then you put all together and run LA in a big cluster (LA can't be easily parallelized, but that is not more than 10-15 percent of the effort).

Edit: crosspost with bb, he is the developer, so trust what he says better than what I say
@bb: he mentioned in the other thread that he tries to factor 384 and 512 bit numbers (probably, some illegal low-level RSA cracking, games or something )

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