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Default First half of 56 M (B1=B2≤690,000)

Now "reserving" for 30 days all the exponents in
the first half of 56 M
that has B1=B2≤690,000 and without a DC. Will also try to reserve them as TF assignments.

Previous ranges 54.4 M (B1=B2≤730,000) should now be finished and I am "unreserving" them. Edit: one exponent 54482819 still remain WIP.

Report for range 54.4 M (B1=B2≤730,000):
2 factors found in 40 attempts (5%).
Expected probability would be 3.81%~3.83%.

Currently working on:
- the whole 54.4 M (B1=B2≤730,000)
- the whole 54.5 M (B1=B2≤730,000)
- the second half 55 M (B1=B2≤690,000)
- the first half 56 M (B1=B2≤690,000)

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