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Both methods seem to work fine. Since I am running remote instances with limited disk space, and also considering that the sqrt phase takes a negligible time compared to the rest of the factorization, I'll stick with the thread tweaking for now.

I work with 8 threads so I expect the default is tasks.sqrt.threads = 8 and indeed I monitored the memory usage in semi-real time and it overflows. I tried a C140 with tasks.sqrt.threads = 4 and it completed fine. To make it work I edited the <workdir>/c140.parameters_snapshot.<x> file after the error fired so I was able to save the previous computation.

Is there a way to make this change permanent? Should I edit the files in cado-nfs/parameters/factor/ ? I assume for example that for a C140 the relevant file is cado-nfs/parameters/factor/params.c140, is that correct?

Thank you again.
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