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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
As far as I understand the "bad" numbers you uploaded only derailed because of one error? That means, if one would step on one of your intermediate results after that error, the aliquot sequence from that point on is alright, correct?
Almost. In fact, we can say I uploaded the first 820 terms of the aliquot sequence starting with 260980552655644516569325929485089843584615065409837402108167278934292990602998173402281447690. Unfortunately, after checking that sequence on factordb, I discovered another instance of the bug in question, so we only got the first 447 terms, along with the first 372 terms of sequence 16439450490798386766697893535628678097675104310467179754114132439038118655211466664624254460919444. I guess it'll be a while before we open reservations on those ranges but I'm happy to have saved some CPU time to my descendants.
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