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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
I tried deleting the corrupted file and CADO_NFS wouldn't complete because it was missing.
Which means for now one has no choice but restart the factorization from scratch. Also of note is the fact that I rerun my job after deleting the workdir, so it looks like such corruption is generated (possibly in a reproducible way, at least with similar hardware) by the software.
Originally Posted by EdH View Post
If you are using the default setup for CADO-NFS, the working directory is in /tmp and will be removed during a reboot. You must copy the directory elsewhere to save it.
In fact, I strongly suggest to run it with a custom directory. In all cases where the factorization is interrupted /tmp isn't cleaned and the CADO files quickly clog it, not to mention the fact one might want to check something after the factorization is complete anyway.

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