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Well, you are right, and I was a bit stupid, haha... Of course, if you have 61 values, you add them and divide the result by 61. If you have 89, you add them and divide the result by 89. If you have M82589933 values, you add them and divide the result by M82589933. When you integrate, that is how those little rectangles work... Grrr...

However, we solved this puzzle already, after half hour of playing with MS Excel, with a much smaller epsilon than the required one. It is quite simple, if you consider two things, starting from the mentioned theorem, you need to find the largest degree polynomial that you can write down with 15 operations (no powering, you must write x^n as x*x*x... n times, hehe) and then one of the two things that you have to consider is the fact that the function is symmetric in x therefore you can double the degree of the polynomial, and yet use the same amount of operations, and the second one, you will find by yourself... hehe...
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