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Very nice info, thank you for sharing it.

So, I am hopeless this time...

[ I have to add this puzzle to the list of the "unsolved puzzles from 'ponder this' which I would like to solve in the future, if I have time and got a better idea", probably when I will retire, if any. By unsolved I mean "by myself". Up to now, this list has three items, included the current one. It doesn't mean that I solved all the others, the most of them were too simple or too uninteresting, and few were out of my league... But this seems to be the first and only item in this list which is not definitively solved (i.e. a better solution may exist, which is not known yet), the others had an exhaustive search and a final answer by their solvers or by the puzzle promoter. ]

Edit: I edited your post to add spoiler to the score, that astronomic number may discourage some guys here

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