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P-1 factoring and LL testing won't have a result until they have completed (with P-1, some factors can already be found after stage1). Hence, the current status doesn't enhance your chances compared to before the beginning of P-1 factoring. After P-1 factoring (stage1 as well as stage2), the chances increase - but I don't know the exact values. Maybe one or two percent...

Concerning the memory requirements for P-1 factoring, there is a table in the readme file of prime95:
Exponent Minimum Reasonable Desirable
-------- ------- ---------- ---------
6000000 12MB 23MB 33MB
10000000 19MB 36MB 53MB
33000000 65MB 125MB 185MB
Plus some more text which I don't want to quote here - it's all in the readme file...

So, contrary to my guess above, 65MB are the minimum for a number of that size.
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