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Lightbulb Circles part 2

Originally Posted by mfgoode

Thank you wpoly.
You are 'spot' on in both T10 and the formula. Have you connected this with the one given in Combination form? They are both the same. And what about Pascals triangle?
Your websites were excellent but there are some mistakes in both which I will comment upon later
Mally l

Since I have not received any more replies or answers I reveal here the precise and concise formula to the nth. term first derived by Math'cian Leo Moser whose name it bears.

Leo Mosers formula is Tn = N + (N)C4 +(N-1)C2 C stands for combination

Written in full it is (n^4 - 6n^3 + 23n^2 - 18n + 24 )/ 24
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