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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
After something like a t35 is done I would then ask the script what it things. Maybe more of the curves should have been at 110e6 for this number.
My scripts from long ago have a fixed pattern, but I don't know where I got that pattern. I suppose to be most efficient I should make a specific pattern for each job. I have the easy capability to set the curves and values in the main script. I just don't know how to make up the table. Would entering a low value into the ecm-toy script tell me the best amounts for each in any rough manner? I don't have the true data for the ecm-toy gnfs table, but would that matter very much at the digit levels I can run?

Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
Ed, please let me know if you need support from myself for the next LA. Currently I am on a job which will finish in 43 hours and already queued up the next job but between these two I can squeeze a LA to help you out. PM me if you are interested. Take care.
Thanks Carlos, I can do this one, if everyone is patient enough to wait for my ancient hardware.-Ed

Overnight my machines finished 2000@110e6. They were supposed to start 2000@430e6, but my script had a bug that prevented the 430e6 runs from being assigned. My calculations come up to 90% of a t50 now. I have a poly and will be swapping everything over to gnfs. How is sieving range normally determined? Is it by testing or is there a calculated start point? I was guessing for the others but my guess here would be, maybe 15e6.

Thanks for all the "learnin'" everyone.
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