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Let's see if I learned anything or if I'm way off track...

If i try to figure out how much ecm to do on the c144, (0.31*144=~45). This means I should go for a t45 threshold.

All the little B1 values equate to very tiny percentages, so if I start at:

I get just over 220% of t45, or just about 1/3 of t50.

Have I gotten any of this correct?

Running with the 2000@43e6, I am told to run 300 curves at 110e6.

I currently am passing 830@110e6, which, if I have things correct, adds 23% to the t50 value, taking it over 50% of t50.

Does this signal that enough ECM has been done?

Am I correct at all in my calculations?

If the above is correct, should I move into the gnfs work, or would someone else like to run this one?
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