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Thank you, VBCurtis. I think I now have some understanding, but let's see if I've caught one thing correctly. The, "Adding these up," is referring to the percentages? In which case, the just over 1/3 is because 10% + 16% +9% = 35%? And, the efficiency is determined by how long it takes to run different B1 curves? Are you also saying that I should run a particular B1 to the t40 level and then move up to the next B1 for best efficiency?

I would like to see that analysis tool, if you happen to find it. (Or, if someone else knows where it is.)

The last questions (for now) would be to all:

How do we know if someone is running ECM on the current composite and what the total t-level may be across all work? Or, does it matter?
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