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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Is there any reason to let the machines that are performing the YAFU ECM steps continue with the 11e6 work?
Not really... But you may get lucky...

You can put "v=1" (no quotes) in yafu.ini to see info about expected t values and all the "verbose" stuff. It helps a lot, but it slows yafu a bit (below 1%).

For the future, if you have more computers doing the same job is better to use "plan=custom" and supply a higher ecm percent for only one computer, but supply lower (or even none, you can use aliquiet with -e switch, or -noecm for yafu, etc) for the others. If you have different levels of ecm, some computers will finish much faster and will switch to poly. When the ECM finishes in the last one, you will have already one good poly. You can check which poly is best, and copy it in other machines, then resume with -e. It looks like a lot of work, but this way you save a lot of time with the poly selection, if you don't do that by GPU. If you do it by GPU, then it does not matter, that is much faster anyhow.

Also, if you have many old machines running 32-bit XP there, be aware that yafu's ecm is much slower on 32 bit machines, about half of the speed. You should try to run ecm in 64 bit OS.

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