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I have >1950@11e7 of the latest set. I seem to have some machines lagging a bit and I can't account for all of the curves. That's one reason for the script change. So that's 1950 on top of the 2250 from from post 60.

After I get the new scripts running, I'll try whatever@20e7 for a while to see how they run...

Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
Are you using any of the memory saving options with 26e7?
Bear in mind as well that 20e7 might work and provide a better chance of large factors.
Thanks! I'll alter my script to 20e7 and try running those. I'm making a major script change today, anyway. It will fit right in. As to the memory saving options, no. I'm using a single command line that provides the same command to each machine. That command line invokes Can I alter to incorporate the options? I haven't looked into them.
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