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Default Working on 525 for P-1

I just grabbed about 525 exponents for P-1 via PrimeNet. These have had one LL test, but no P-1. They were assigned as DoubleChecks using Prime95. With the SequentialWorkToDo=0, it will do the P-1 before the DC.

I got a few in the 10M range, but the majority were from the 12.01M to 12.13M range. Since these were assigned by PrimeNet the P-1 results will be sent to PrimeNet for credit when they have completed the P-1. When they are done with P-1 they will be unreserved.

Since these were grabbed directly from PrimeNet I don't think I'm stepping on someone else's work. If so give me a yell and I'll unreserve.

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