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You can manually add them in worktodo.ini
Here is the format for each.

For Lucas-Lehmer (LL) exp,bits trial factored,P-1 factoring not done
LL with P-1 factoring done

For DoubleCheck (DC) exp,bits trial factored,P-1 factoring not done
DC with P-1 factoring done

For P-1 factoring (P-1) exp,bits trial factored,LL not done
P-1 factoring LL done

For Trial Factoring (TF) exp,bits previously trial factored

It is a summary of the following thread

To find out detailed info on the work that is assigned you can log into your account using the following page.

And reconstruct the worktodo.ini with the info.

You don't have to finish work in 60 days, just have it in a worktodo.ini that checks in and updates the status of the various reserved work.
If it checks in regularly it won't be a problem.

If you are already getting close to the 60, manually do your worktodo.ini set the Days between sending new end dates (in the Options/Preferences Menu) to 1 and it will try to check in a day.
Or use the Advanced menu and do a manual checkin.
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