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Gary, I've split your post into mulitple parts so I can respond to them individually.
Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Agreed on the effort! I'm in favor of this; whatever gets the job done and doesn't step on toes!

But before embarking on it, I'd like to give it about a week for others to pick it up individually first. Additionally, since this is Sierp Base 4, which has it's own project that we are helping coordinate, I'd like to get Jean Penne's OK on it. He is searching all of the other k's for that project currently as well as the Riesel Base 4 k's for this effort.
Okay, that's fine with me. In the meantime, we might want to see about finding an always-on computer that can run the LLRNet server--Gary, would any of your crunchers possibly work? Even if running this Sierpinski Base 4 k on it fell through, there's plenty of other bases/k's that would be great for LLRNet. (For bases that are powers of 2, you simply use the stock LLRNet client; for other bases, you can use the version modified by the Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 project.)

Jean, do you have the resources to add the above attached sieved file to your testing for Sierp base 4? If not, are you OK with us using an LLRNet server for testing?

One question, Anon, for both this and for our project's future use: If we use an LLRNet server, will the Sierp Base 4 project still get full credit? I'm thinking that the originator of that project would not be in favor of using an LLRNet server if the credit for a huge prime find had to be shared.
Yes, LLRNet doesn't affect the reporting of a prime--it's reported the same as if it was done with manual LLR. Thus, the reporting would be exactly the same as if the prime was found by someone who was testing those numbers normally.

Since 'Conjectures 'R Us' is not yet a recognized project on the top-5000 site, it wouldn't matter if it was our effort at this point but it could matter in the future.

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