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Because of the size of the numbers in that sieve file, it would be a pretty hefty effort for any individual cruncher; however, it would be perfect for an LLRNet server, which would allow "small fry" to participate in it (since LLRNet deals in chunks of 1 candidate, rather than large chunks as manual LLRing is usually done in)--although of course "heavy hitters" are just as well suited to LLRNet, too. I could help run an LLRNet server, as long as someone else provides the server (with telnet/SSH access, of course). Any computer that's on 24/7 and has broadband access will do. The load should be small enough that the server could simultaneously be used for crunching, so, for example, a dedicated crunching machine would do as long as it has broadband Internet connectivity. Even though it would probably have a dynamic IP if it's on a residential connection, that can be fixed easily with dynamic DNS.

Let me know what you think!
Agreed on the effort! I'm in favor of this; whatever gets the job done and doesn't step on toes!

But before embarking on it, I'd like to give it about a week for others to pick it up individually first. Additionally, since this is Sierp Base 4, which has it's own project that we are helping coordinate, I'd like to get Jean Penne's OK on it. He is searching all of the other k's for that project currently as well as the Riesel Base 4 k's for this effort.

Jean, do you have the resources to add the above attached sieved file to your testing for Sierp base 4? If not, are you OK with us using an LLRNet server for testing?

One question, Anon, for both this and for our project's future use: If we use an LLRNet server, will the Sierp Base 4 project still get full credit? I'm thinking that the originator of that project would not be in favor of using an LLRNet server if the credit for a huge prime find had to be shared.

Since 'Conjectures 'R Us' is not yet a recognized project on the top-5000 site, it wouldn't matter if it was our effort at this point but it could matter in the future.

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