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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Tcadigan has kindly posted his fully-sieved file for 64494*4^n+1 for n=885.4K-1M. It is attached below. Let me know if you are interested in searching it and I'll show it as reserved.

Note that this is part of the Sierp Base 4 project in this thread that we are helping coordinate. If you find a prime on it, please report it under that project when creating a prover code on the top-5000 site.

Because of the size of the numbers in that sieve file, it would be a pretty hefty effort for any individual cruncher; however, it would be perfect for an LLRNet server, which would allow "small fry" to participate in it (since LLRNet deals in chunks of 1 candidate, rather than large chunks as manual LLRing is usually done in)--although of course "heavy hitters" are just as well suited to LLRNet, too. I could help run an LLRNet server, as long as someone else provides the server (with telnet/SSH access, of course). Any computer that's on 24/7 and has broadband access will do. The load should be small enough that the server could simultaneously be used for crunching, so, for example, a dedicated crunching machine would do as long as it has broadband Internet connectivity. Even though it would probably have a dynamic IP if it's on a residential connection, that can be fixed easily with dynamic DNS.

Let me know what you think!

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