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Default Sierp base 16 sieving to reach P=400G tonight

Sieving will reach P=400G on all 55 remaining k's for Sierp base 16 to n=200K on two cores by late Wed. night (CST US).

Sometime on Thursday, I will separate the reservations page into two pages, one each for Riesel and Sierpinksi, and post a separate sieved file for each Sierp Base 16 k as well as available sieved files for other bases.

People are welcome to reserve any k for individual testing. I will be posting the entire range of n=25K-200K in the sieved files but I would only suggest testing them to n=100K for now. If that is reached without finding a prime, it would be more efficient to wait until sieving has progressed further before continuing.

I've lowered what I think to be the optimum sieve limit now to P=2T. Once that is reached, we'll start a team drive of most of the remaining unreserved k's; leaving a few for individual efforts.

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