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Default Sieved files/sieving coordination

This thread is to coordinate any sieving efforts at Conjectures 'R Us and to post your sieved files that were not searched or were not fully searched for any reason. There will also be team sieving and search efforts and sieved files can be posted here that can be split up and searched by a group of us at the higher search ranges.

There are 2 remaining fully-sieved files as follows:
n=62K-100K for Riesel base 13; 1 k left to prove conjecture.
n=76.5K-100K for Sierp base 17; 3 k's left to prove conjecture.

The 100K limit is high enough for a top-5000 prime and you could score extra points for finding the last prime or next-to-last prime that proves a conjecture!

Edit: Remaining sieved files are now on the Reservations web pages. The attachment to this message can be ignored. I cannot delete an attachment nor edit it in place without deleting the entire post. If you'd like to test one of the above, please get them from the Reservations pages.

Edit by Max: Actually, you can delete attachments, you just have to use "Go Advanced" to see all options. I've removed the attachment, which by now (8/30/09) is even more out of date than it was as of Gary's edit.


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