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One new redundant test found by scripts.

As garo suggested earlier, I manually re-submitted this factor to Primenet which will hopefully clear it out from the next hourly status.txt file.

Exponents assigned (LL testing) that already have a factor?


22851593, ,65,4,0.9,16.1,60.1,,30-Sep-03 19:38,Siegert,ECE1

a) does this mean Primenet will give me credit for "finding" this factor??
b) does user Siegert need to be notified to manually delete the exponent from his worktodo? Or will the client automatically drop it (somehow)? It was only assigned yesterday, chances are no work has been done.
c) How come Primenet is still handing out LL assignments for known-factored exponents? Looking at an old version of cleared.txt:

22851593,65,F,35943571306756000889,20-Aug-03 17:43,SSJ,C45F4478D

So Primenet should have "known" about this factor and dropped the exponent from the list of exponents it hands out.

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