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Default Msieve 1.07

Now available. Major changes include:

- added an NFS linear algebra phase that builds the matrix and reuses the existing Lanczos codebase. Writing this has made me realize how crude the QS matrix phase really is

- tweaked the NFS filtering code to produce slightly better matrices and reduced worst-case memory use

- a few QS sieving tweaks; small factorizations are slightly faster now

- by popular demand: the makefile builds QS code only by default; a separate make target builds the NFS code (and pulls in the external library it needs).

(see the change log for the complete list)

For the next version I hope to integrate NFS sieving with NFS filtering, rearrange some code, and document a bunch of NFS stuff. The version after that will hopefully have NFS square root code, but I don't know how long my brain will need to understand the math.

Happy factoring,
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