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Originally Posted by RichD View Post
Passing through

220 @ 11e7

This will be slow going. I'm afraid we may end up with two sequences sitting at a C172.
Afraid I have to agree. I'm up over 1200@11e7 (total so far). The 4788 c173 has had a "lot" more ecm done on it, though. But, I'll probably shift over to 3408 for a bit. I don't think my attention span can endure the gnfsing of a c17x. What memory requirements would there be for a c172/c173?

I suppose there are a couple things to consider:

1. The c173 has had a lot of ecm, the latest being 70005@85e7. That means we're closer to finding a record ecm factor for it, but it also means we'd probably need a lot more curves to find it. That number is probably past being ready for gnfs.

2. Truly, I suppose we've only brushed the tip of the c172 with ecm, and shouldn't be looking toward any team sieve for it any time soon.

I suppose that leaves working with 3408 for a while...
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