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On: i7-8750H laptop, 16GB ram, Win10 x64 Home 20H2 build 19042.1165,
with prime95 V30.6b4, I'm running a large-exponent P-1 stage 2. On launch it happily updates progress at about 1 hour intervals. Over time the update interval increases. I've seen it up to about a day. Generally it is a case of heavy swapping to SSD. A full prime95 stop, exit, restart generally clears it up, and it reappears later.
Originally I was running that with 12GB allowed in resource limits, with no such issue. I've cut it back to 10 and it's still happening.
Other loads on the system are a multitab Firefox session (3 Google Colab, and a bunch of other stuff, total 16 tabs);
Task Manager; mfaktc on the discrete GTX 1050 Ti; nothing on the IGP;
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on WSL1 and Mlucas using nominally 2 cores +HT, but really wildly core-hopping 4 cores as it goes. Also have top running at a slow update rate.

I just pared prime95 back from 10GB allowed to 9, to see if that behaves better.
Something has 27G committed of a 39GB dynamically sized virtual memory, and 15G ram in use per Windows Task Manager.
Ubuntu top indicates Mlucas using only 1% of ram.
Windows Task Manager indicates top ram users are
prime95 8.5 GB
Firefox 0.7 GB
Mlucas 0.15 GB
The rest combined shown in Task Manager does not add up to the other 5+GB; maybe ~1. Firefox fluctuates up to 1GB without me touching it, and prime95's usage varies too.
Windows has a limit of page file size = 3 x ram size, so this system could go to ~60-64GB total virtual size before hitting a hard limit.

On another system with 16GB, multiple GPUs, and Win10 also, I've seen trouble (system crashes upon running out of virtual memory) when pushing above 60GB virtual. Gpuowl can push it over the edge if too many P-1 stage 2 or GCD coincide, even though the stage 2 are happening mostly on the GPUs.

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