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105°C to 110°C for the hottest junction point is kinda normal for air cooled cards (like XFX, I have two of them) and it is ok if your card produces stable results, and if the other temperatures stay lower (in the lower eighties, max). My cards are "frozen" to 83/111, they take about 190-200 watts each (limited by software, if I don't limit the power, the clock gets crazzy up and down as explained below, and the throughput is lower in average) and they didn't smoke yet. You should not worry as long as the card seems to run stable and the clocks and the power draw don't wary too much. The card has a protection mechanism and will stop for short time or throttle if it gets too hot or if it consumes too much power, and in that case you will see large and fast oscillations in clock, power, etc. If you see that, or get unreliable results, it means your cooling solution can't dissipate the heat and you need to reduce the clock, or limit the power, or increase fan speed (if air, it gets noisy...).
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