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Originally Posted by joejoefla View Post
Hi Everyone,

I ran a basic command that includes the -safeMath common argument with 7.1-11. When I upgraded to 7.2-2 I received the error:

I checked out the readme file for 7.2 and it still saw the argument listed. Curious I ran gpuowl-win.exe by itself and got:

What was interesting was -cl-unsafe-math-optimizations didn't appear. I ran gpuowl-win.exe from 7.1-11 byitself and got this:

I'm thinking -safeMath is enabled by default in v7.2?

I wanted to let someone know because there might be a discrepancy in the readme file.
Yes -safeMath is enabled by default. See in help (-h), there is now -unsafeMath to disable it. Basically the default was flipped.
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