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Originally Posted by flashjh View Post
Attached is CUDALucas 2.02 - UNTESTED. I included all the source files and the MAKEFILE for windows. I modified to 'safe' functions so MSVC would not complain**. The two while(1) lines cause a warning, but they're safe to ignore. No CUDA 3.2 because there were too many errors during compile for me to fix tonight.

@Dubslow: This build is based on your newest archive from earlier this afternoon. **I can't test the changes because I remoted into my system to do the build and CuLu doesn't detect my nVidia card while in a remote session.

I'll test it tomorrow; if anyone else can test it and let me know if it performs as expected, that would be great -- thanks.
Heehee, I've been modifying the source with trifling differences for much of the evening, and that DL was symlinked to my files. I'll see how late it was
I've completed one expo with 2.02 myself, and another one due in a few hours. I'll come back and edit this post with a source archive that compiles "out of the box" on both Windows and Linux.

Edit: Sheesh, where did you get that makefile? In all 2.x versions I've seen from msft, the makefiles he's included all had arch=sm_13 and -O2; this win makefile has a whole bunch of stuff that is (AFAICT) unnecessary. How did you even get it to compile with arch not sm_13? The change msft made in 2.01 requires sm_13 (at least nvcc threw me an error when I tried later arches of course now it works fine), and we've figured out it's the fastest.
CUFLAGS = -m64 --ptxas-options=-v -ccbin=$(CCLOC) -D$(BIT)  -Xcompiler /EHsc,/W3,/nologo,/Ox,/Oy,/GL -arch=$(CUDA_ARCH) -DMERS_PACKAGE -DBIT_SIEVE -DTESTING_SMALL_EXPONENTS -DSIEVE_SIZE_IN_BYTES=32 -DNUM_SMALL_PRIMES=32768 -DDO_NOT_USE_LONG_DOUBLE  "-I$(CUDA)/include"  -D__x86_64__ -O3
I'm pretty sure if you did a Ctrl+F on the defines in the source, you wouldn't find anything. Here's my CUFLAGS:
CUFLAGS = -O2 -arch=sm_13 --compiler-options=-Wall
The first two flags are from msft's makefile, and the last one is the one I added which produced warnings.

Is this win makefile a relic of MacLucas?

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