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Default 2021 BOD meeting minutes

GIMPS BoD Minutes 2021-02-22 by email
Attending: George Woltman (GW), Luke Welsh (LW), Ernst Mayer(EM)
. Meeting Called to Order
- GW: Approval of Minutes of BOD Meeting 2020-01-09
* GW MOVE, LW SECOND, 3 for / 0 against- motion approved
- GW/EM: Treasurer/Secretary report / discussion
At year’s end: $20,356.46 in Chase bank account and less
than $50 in PayPal. No outstanding bills. Monthly run
rate is $150.
- Old Business –
o California’s statement of information filed in July 2021. Next update due in July 2023. IRS form 990 filed for tax year 2020. Next 990 form due April 15, 2022.
o ISP HiVelocity has not mentioned negotiating a new multi-year contract. We remain on month-to-month for $150. Our server is aging but not giving us any troubles. Aaron keeps abreast of our options should we need to replace it – likely with a cloud based solution.
- New Business
o Corporation officers need to be elected.
Officers currently:
President: George Woltman
Vice President: Luke Welsh
CFO/Treasurer: George Woltman
Secretary: Ernst Mayer
GW Move to elect same officers as last year. LW: SECOND.
3 for / 0 against, slate of officers is approved.
- Next BoD meeting - January 2022.
- Adjourn - GW MOVE to adjourn, LW SECOND 3 for / 0 against, approved

Meeting Adjourned
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