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Originally Posted by mickfrancis View Post
Having given some thought to this, I realise that what I really want is a way to find integer values for m such that
 <br />
(ceil(mr))^2- (mr)^2 < (mr)^s<br />
<br />

where s <= 1. I'm guessing this is a different kettle of fish...

well the equivalent inequalities depend on a few things if m and r are the same sign then all values are positive ( because a negative times a negative is a positive) if they are different sign then mr is negative and with s<=1 it could be an inequality where you ask if a real value is less than an imaginary or complex number. so if we don't want to ask that question it may be safer to stay with the m values that are of the same sign as r. also if mr were negative then in theory you get -floor(abs(mr)) as an equivalent edit: to ceil

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