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Default Sieving drive for k=1003-2000 n=500K-1M

This is a sieving drive for k=1003-2000 and n=500K-1M. I'll consider this to be "moderate" priority at this point but I would be grateful for any help that people can give. The 8th drive is progressing much faster than expected. Although not a requirement, it would be nice if we had the range sieved enough so that n=500K-600K was ready at about the time that the 8th drive is complete.

I started the sieve on 2 cores and later 1 quad several weeks ago and have now reached P=1T. I now have 3 quads on it and they are sieving P=1000G-4000G with expected completion in ~15 days. More specifically, each core is sieveing P=250G and the ranges are running on 2.4-GHZ Intel Quads on 64-bit Linux Ubuntu running 64-bit sr2sieve.

Because the 8th drive has progressed so quickly, I think the best thing to do for this effort is to sieve until we reach an optimum depth for just the lower portion of n=500K-600K, break it off for LLRing, and continue sieving n=600K-1M so that we don't have much down time on this k-range. Although not calculated yet, I'm estimating that the optimum for n=500K-600K is P=~15T and for n=600K-1M is P=~30T. We'll be able to compute a more exact optimum depth once we complete sieving to P=4T (4000G).

As you probably know, the sieve (.dat) file is huge. Even in ABCD format, the entire range sieved to P=1T is 25MB in full and 8MB zipped. I have now Emailed the sieve file to everyone.

Please take no more than ~2 weeks of work to start with. As I implied previously, on a modern machine with a 64-bit O.S. and 64-bit sr2sieve, it takes one core ~15 days to sieve a P=250G range.

Like before, sr2sieve is what we will use. Let us know if you need the executable or more detailed instructions on using it.

I prefer that we use the more "modern" method of sieving by specifying the ranges and file name at the command prompt as in:

sr2sieve -p 4000e9 -P 4250e9 -i sieve1003-2000-500K-1M.txt

The above would be if you were sieving P=4000G-4250G. The file is listed after the "-i" command and is the actual file name that will be in the zipped file at googlepages. Feel free to name it something shorter if you want or use the "srwork" older convention where you don't have to specify a file name.

When complete, you should have a factors.txt file. Just post the file here in this thread or if it is too big, please Email the file to me at:
gbarnes017 at gmail dot com

Note: The sieve file has been Emailed to all current sievers. If you are new to the effort and would like to help sieve, please post your reservation here and I'll Email you the file. All factors have now been removed up to P=20T. As we progress, I'll continue removing factors for contiguous P-ranges.

  P-range      reserved by       status     est. completion date
   0G-4000G    gd_barnes       complete
4000G-4250G    MyDogBuster     complete
4250G-4500G    PCZ             complete
4500G-4750G    MyDogBuster     complete
4750G-5000G    PCZ             complete
5000G-5250G    MyDogBuster     complete
5250G-5500G    PCZ             complete
5500G-5750G    MyDogBuster     complete
5750G-6000G    PCZ             complete
6000G-6250G    Flatlander      complete
6250G-9250G    gd_barnes       complete
9250G-10000G   PCZ             complete
10000G-10250G  Flatlander      complete
10250G-11000G  MyDogBuster     complete
11000G-12500G  PCZ             complete
12500G-15000G  gd_barnes       complete
15000G-16000G  MyDogBuster     complete
16000G-17000G  PCZ             complete
17000G-17250G  Flatlander      complete
17250G-19750G  Brucifer        complete
19750G-19850G  gd_barnes       complete
19850G-20000G  Brucifer        complete
20000G-25000G  Brucifer        complete
25000G-25500G  Flatlander      complete
25500G-28300G  Brucifer        complete
28300G-29750G  Brucifer        complete
29750G-30000G  MyDogBuster     complete
30000G-40000G  IronBits        complete
40000G-45000G  PCZ             complete
No more sieving will be needed.

Nice job all.
Once this is done, we'll have well-sieved files for the entire range of k=300-2000 up to n=1M!


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