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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Would it be a problem in processing my factors if I drop that new file into my sieving to speed it up? Also I recall that the file can be dropped in over the old one without having to restart sr2sieve, is that right or am I mistaken?

On the first question, no problem at all.

On the second question, I'm not sure. I think Max knows. But it's no problem to stop your sieve using CTL-C because it will write a checkpoint file. Then after dropping the file in, you can restart it and it will start right where it left off.

But hold off a couple of hours. I think my sieving has just now completed the P=1.8T-3.4T range. I need to remotely check my machines. If so, I'll remove those factors too and post an even smaller file sieved to P=3.8T since Chris has also finsihed P=3.4T-3.8T.

BTW, your sieving speed will likely increase very little...I'm thinking < 3% even with mine and Chris's factors removed...just don't want you to be disappointed.


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